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4 hours of progress on my to-be next post lost because of GIMP…

I’m going to Photoshop.. When I’m not as lazy.

((To the ponies saying its tabs, 8 GB’s of RAM is fine with it twice as many tabs.))

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    8 GB is fine, unless you’re using a 32-bit operating system. Then the os would only “see” ~3.75 GB, simply cause it...
  2. soviet-twilight said: *pats on shoulder* Poor Woona. It’s okay.
  3. sarteck said: Holy crip on a crapple, look at all them tabs. O_O Is that your screencap? It would explain the freezing. X3 [Or it could be that I’m just used to shitty computers, heh heh.]
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    your tab-hoarding might be using up all your RAM.
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